Good vs Bad Fats

Look in any supermarket or food store, and you won’t find many positive messages about fat. ‘99% FAT-FREE!!’ a label may pronounce. However there is little public awareness that some fats can be called ‘good’; these essential fatty acids are vital to human health but can’t be manufactured by our cells and must be provided through our diet.  A proper input of the good fats can benefit many life processes in your body. Accept that some fats are good and you’ll soon see the possible benefits of the EQUAZEN range!


There are, of course, very sound reasons for the widespread concern about fat consumption. While there have been great advances in medicine and longevity, there has also been an increase in conditions and related diseases linked to poor diet e.g. obesity and heart disease, Type II diabetes, etc.


Degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes have been linked to premature death in over two thirds of people in affluent industrialised societies. Increasing evidence suggests that dietary fat intake may have a role to play in this increase.


So, what’s changed since 1900? Our physiological systems are the same, but our diets and lifestyle are not. There have been major changes this century in the kinds and amount of fat we consume.


Much of the fat consumed in the average Western diet is in the saturated and monosaturated form, while heavily processed fats, particularly hydrogenated varieties such as margarines and some mainstream cooking oils, are thought to be bad for our health. In addition, we are also ingesting greater amounts of toxins through air, water and soil pollution, and synthetic chemicals from drugs, pesticides and other sources.


Part of the formula for maintaining long term health is clear: Greatly reduce your consumption of ‘bad’ fats. You should also consider whether you have an adequate intake of ‘good’ fats. The EQUAZEN range of supplements can help to ensure you get the balance right.

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