Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find all the answers to any questions you may have about our products, from sourcing to medical information.

High Intake

Here at EQUAZEN, we have spent lots of time scientifically developing our unique products. For individuals and families who are unable to receive the recommended intake from their diet alone, we advise a regular daily intake of 2 EQUAZEN capsules, taken with food.

However, if you are starting supplementation for the first time, there have been studies which suggest it is beneficial to take a higher daily intake of 6 capsules, for the first 12 weeks. This may be because at the start many people can be fatty acid deficient, and so initially require a higher intake to build up their body's stores of these vital nutrients.

EQUAZEN’s unique formulation of Omega-3 and Omega-6 is a food supplement, and has no issues or risks associated with changing intake levels. However, different fatty acids last for different lengths of time in the body, with some rapidly declining in concentration within a few days. For this reason, we recommend continued daily use of EQUAZEN.

If supplementation is resumed after a prolonged period, it may be worth considering starting at a higher intake (6 capsules daily) for the first 12 weeks, before reducing to the usual 2 capsules per day.