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Equazen: Responsible and Sustainable

Why does it matter?

There can be great variation in the quality of supplements and much of this is to do with the consistency of the ingredients used and the precise care taken at each step of the production process. The ingredients selected, and where they are sourced and/or harvested can all affect the composition and concentration of the final therapeutic extract.

Our suppliers also only use fish from sustainable stock where they only need to fish a few weeks a year to catch fish when their oil levels are at the highest.

Our philosophy

Quality is ensured from sourcing, to manufacturing, through to shipping. We operate within very strict protocols, which includes abiding by World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international standards and regulations, as well as our own independent tests to guarantee the safety and purity of our products.

It doesn’t just stop there. Everything we do is based on rigorous testing. We are continuously advancing our understanding of essential fatty acids and how they work. Our products are all clinically researched so we know that we can pass on benefits to you.

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Our Omega-3s, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are from oils of anchovies and sardines from the Southern Pacific and Morocco sea. All of our fish oils are from harvesting fish stock where there is little to no demand for human consumption or from the trimmings during processing fish to ensure no part of the fish is wasted. Our Omega-6, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), is solely from evening primrose oil.

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Responsible and sustainable

We work closely with our suppliers under World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international standards and regulations to ensure our ingredients are from sustainable sources and are carefully monitored.

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Our unique balanced formula of EPA:DHA:GLA of 9:3:1 has been through rigorous clinical research.

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Clinical trials and monitoring

Equazen's core range have undergone vast clinical research. Importantly, Equazen's core range on the shelves use the unique balanced formula that has been used in clinical trials, meaning you can feel confident about their products. We also support ongoing research to further demonstrate the safety of our products.

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Tailored for you

Equazen is scientifically formulated for a balanced intake of essential fatty acids whatever your life stage. The same trusted ingredients go into each product, but at slightly different amounts that will deliver what you need at any age.

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