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The capsule shell is made of gelatine and sometimes there may be slight variations in hardness, depending on the conditions in which the capsules have been stored. For example, if they are exposed to humidity, the capsules may go a little softer. These slight variances in hardness have no effect on its effectiveness, safety, tolerability or the stability of the product.

The soft gelatine shell of EQUAZEN capsules, which contains bovine (beef/cow) gelatine, has been certified Halal and Kosher. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that the gelatine shell used in EQUAZEN chews is Kosher/Halal as it has been coloured using a natural red pigment obtained from carminic acid, which is derived from the cochineal beetle.

It is only the gelatine that has been certified halal/kosher and not the fish oils or products themselves.