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Equazen® Capsules

Tasteless, odourless capsules for children to adolescents. Clinically researched formulation. For 5 years to adult.

Equazen® Capsules

The benefits to our overall health from eating 140g oily fish each week are well known. However, eating the essential fatty acids found in oily fish is not always easy. The likes of DHA Omega-3 found in oily fish, not only acts as the building blocks of our body's cells but also helps to support the normal functioning of the brain.*'

Fatty acids are ‘essential’ because they cannot be synthesized in the body and therefore, must be obtained in the diet. Equazen can help bridge this nutritional gap. Equazen is used as a supplement of the diet, not to replace a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

One of the simplest ways for you and your loved ones to supplement the amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that you receive from your diet, is to take our standard EQUAZEN  capsules. These tasteless, odour-free capsules are available in family-friendly pot sizes - 60s, 180s and 360s. Or you could try our Equazen Triple Strength one-a-day capsules which contain 279mg of EPA, 87mg of DHA and 30mg of GLA. 

EQUAZEN provides you and your family with:

  • A unique formulation of high-grade omega-3 and omega-6 oils that has been produced following years of intensive scientific research Naturally-sourced and purified ingredients, formulated to a unique EQUABALANCE ratio.
  • Ethically fished and processed in accordance with stringent regulations
  • Different products developed for different life stages, including pregnancy
Available in 60, 180 and 360 capsules
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The Equazen® difference

Discover what makes us different to other supplements.

Science at the core

Science at the core

Everything we do is based on rigorous testing. We are continuously advancing our understanding of essential fatty acids and how they work. Our products are clinically researched so we are confident that we can pass on benefits to you.

Quality & Consistency

Quality & Consistency

The quality of supplements can vary based on the consistency of the ingredient used and the precise care taken at each step of the production process. At Equazen, quality and consistency is ensured from sourcing all the way through to shipping.

Tailored to you

Tailored to you

We know that essential fatty acids provide benefits for each phase of your life. That’s why we produce specific formulations to meet the changing needs of each life stage.*

Clinically Researched

Equazen® Capsules: Key Ingredients

  • Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) from fish oil is a marine fatty acid, which provides the building blocks of the brain and eyes. It makes up 40% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs in the brain and 60% of those found in the retina.
  • Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) is one of the fatty acids that makes up Omega-3 found in oily fish
  • Omega-6 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) from cold pressed evening primrose oil and metabolite Arachidonic Acid (AA),  ensures a synergistic and balanced formulation to meet the body’s individual needs.
More on essential fatty acids
trials & studies
>8 clinical trials
13 years' research

Food for thought: Did you know that your brain is made up of 60% fat.

Our Source to Patient journey

We take great pride in our unique Omega-3 with Omega-6 food supplements and use only high quality ingredients and processing techniques, in order to maintain the consistency that our customers come to expect over the years.

Follow the source to patient journey

Using Equazen® Capsules

Recommended dosage & directions

Suitable for use in children aged 5 years onwards

Starting dose: Take 6 capsules per day for the first 3 months

Maintenance dose: Take 2 capsules per day thereafter

Always follow the instructions for use provided on the label.

Equazen is well tolerated. Tolerability data from clinical investigations as well as the post-marketing experience support the safety profile of Equazen formulations.

Equazen® gelatine used is certified halal. 


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Key ingredient
Essential fatty acids

2 capsules contain:

Omega-3 fish oil 800mg
EPA 186mg
DHA 58mg
Omega-6 (virgin evening primrose oil) 200mg
GLA 20mg

Packaging and product claims may vary depending on country-specific regulations. Products are available in selected markets only.


*DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA.



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